Georgia Equality

“Clarkston is on the forefront of cities creating a welcoming, inclusive and open community that respects all of our residents. As Mayor, over the next 4 years, I will push to have our council adopt a city-wide “non-discrimination ordinance” ensuring that no one can be denied service, or discriminated against because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Our community works best when all of our people are included in an equitable and just environment.” -Ted Terry

Rashad Richey

The Rashad Richey Show
Rashad Richey

Proud to have the support of the Realest Man in Talk Radio Rashad Richey. Thank you brother!

Governor Roy Barnes

Atlanta and North Georgia Building and Construction Trades Council

Steve Bradshaw

County Commissioner

Emma Darlene Robinson

22 year resident

"..you've done more for Clarkston than anyone while I was there for almost 22 yrs.... I hope you get re-elected. Wishing you the best and hope you will continue to be the Mayor. Clarkston needs you."

Juliana M. Hill

Clarkston Resident

I would like to thank Ted Terry for all of the good he is doing the City of Clarkston, he's the best. Despite all of the attempts by certain members of the Clarkston Community to stop Mayor Terry from moving forward, he persists. Mayor Terry is for the people of Clarkston. His goal is not to make a profit, but to better the City of Clarkston. We need more people like Ted in office.

Tam Johnson

Clarkston Resident

Ted has and is doing a lot for our wonderful City of Clarkston! I honestly believe his heart is in it; and it's not about MONEY with him... he has the BEST interest of our citizens at the forefront; and that's what we need for our magnificent city to continue to grow and reach its potential! I wholeheartedly support Ted Terry & you should, too! Ted... let's make it happen!!